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At Tierra Healthcare Concepts Medical Marijuanas Doctor in Ocala, FL we specialize in providing medical evaluations and authorizing Florida medical marijuana cards for patients who qualify.

Aren’t sure if you qualify for Florida medical marijuana?

Meet the Medical Marijuana Doctor in Ocala, FL

Our Ocala, FL medical marijuana doctors are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and ongoing client care.

Payment for Medical Marijuana Associated Services

Medical insurance plans do not cover services related to the evaluation, recommendation or use of Florida medical marijuana.

  • Tierra Healthcare accepts cash and credit card payments.
  • All payments are due at the time of service.



  • In person visit with a doctor
  • Review of medical condition and medical history
  • Recommendation for use of Medical Marijuana for qualifying patients
  • Authorization of Medical Marijuana ID card
  • Medical Marijuana ID card application and passport photo
  • Certification is required every 7 months by Florida law