Editorial Process

THC Physicians is very diligent about how we share content and the valuable knowledge we provide to our readers.

There is a vast amount of reading material available relating to the use and benefits of medical marijuana. With differing opinions found everywhere, it can be overwhelming to find trustworthy information.

At THC Physicians, we pride ourselves on providing accurate, fact-checked, evidence-based content that you can trust. We openly and objectively deliver knowledge on various topics, ailments, and laws that put our readers’ health and safety first.

Our Content Creating & Auditing Process:

The THC Physicians editorial team devotes time to research and education to bring you content that upholds the highest standards. The content is then fact-checked and reviewed by our team of medical professionals to ensure its accuracy. 

Our Team of Writers & Experts

THC Physician’s team consists of writers and medical professionals that specialize in the area of medical marijuana. Our team of physicians have been certified by the Florida Department of Health and New York Department of Health to make recommendations regarding the use and benefits of medical marijuana.

Our References & Sources

We only source content from reliable sources who share the same honest values as THC Physicians. 

Our research for our content will only come from scientific studies, academic research institutions, government agencies, medical associations, and other vetted, authoritative sources. The citing of any statistics will always link to the reputable source where the information originated.

Staying Up to Date & Accurate

The medical marijuana and health industries are ever-changing. Our team of experts regularly revisits existing content and analyzes material to guarantee content remains accurate and up to date. We are continuously monitoring the latest news and refreshed research studies to maintain high-quality content. This monitoring includes:

  • Changes and updates in medical views and recommendations
  • New research and clinical studies
  • Medical marijuana law amendments
  • Reader and patient feedback or concerns

If an inaccuracy is ever discovered, our team takes immediate action to revise and republish the content to uphold the highest medical integrity.