How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card

How It Works

If you are wondering how to get a medical marijuana card in your state, you are not alone. Over 4 million Americans are benefiting from medical marijuana with thousands more visiting medical marijuana physicians and registering everyday.

Face-to-Face or Telehealth Visit

Face-to-face or Telehealth Visit with a specialty trained physician



Physician approved use of Medical Marijuana

DOH (or Equivalent) Requirement

Department of Health requirement to purchase and use Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Card Eligibility

Thousands of patients are eligible for medical marijuana licenses in participating states, but determining eligibility is often the first concern prospective medical cannabis license holders typically have. 

Thankfully, THC Physicians makes determining medical marijuana eligibility an easy-to-understand process. The first thing to note is that every participating state has individual requirements, so there is no blanket eligibility requirement for the entire United States. Still, there are three major criteria prospective medical marijuana card holders have to meet to be eligible:

Qualifying Condition Met: Each participating medical marijuana state has a list of qualifying conditions that must be met in order for patients to be eligible. These conditions, often referred to as debilitating conditions, are mentioned below.

Proof of Residence: The easiest part of being eligible for a medical marijuana card is showing some sort of proof of residency. This can include a driver’s license or other state-issued documentation.

Physician Recommendation: While you may think you qualify for medical cannabis, it is up to a state-certified medical marijuana doctor to provide their recommendation. A recommendation is similar to a prescription and is the final step in giving you access to medical marijuana.

Common Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

Below is a list of common medical marijuana qualifying conditions across most participating states. Check with your individual state for the full list of qualifying conditions to determine if your condition is on the list.


Chronic Pain

Epilepsy & Seizures



Multiple Sclerosis

Neuropathic Pain

Parkinson’s Disease


How to Get an Online Medical Marijuana Card

In some participating medical marijuana states, such as New York, patients may be able to obtain medical marijuana cards online. THC Physicians offers an online medical marijuana card solution that is consistent with state telehealth laws and regulations, and maintains all patient information in HIPAA-compliant software.To get a medical marijuana card in a state that permits telehealth appointments, the process is essentially the same as with in-person visits, except with no in-person visit required:


Face to Face visit with a specialty trained physician.


Physician-approved use of Medical Marijuana


Department of Health requirement to purchase and use Medical Marijuana