How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Florida


First, you’ll need to be evaluated by a medical marijuana physician that is qualified to order medical marijuana. This includes making an in person visit to the physician’s office. Once you are there you’ll be required to fill out a few standard forms that will be made part of your medical record. The physician will then complete a comprehensive medical evaluation to determine if medical marijuana may benefit you


Second, once the physician determines that your chronic condition meets the Florida Department of Health requirements for medical marijuana use he or she will make a recommendation for medical marijuana use and establish a medical care plan on your behalf. This is similar to writing a prescription.


Third, now that you have been recommended for medical marijuana use the physician must register your name and information with the Florida Department of Health’s Compassionate Use data base. This will allow you to obtain your medical marijuana from a dispensary licensed by the Florida Department of Health.

The recommendation, medical care plan, and registration are required by the Florida Department of Health. These services are included in the cost of your initial visit and follow-up visits.

Payment for Medical Marijuana Associated Services

Medical insurance plans do not cover services related to the evaluation, recommendation or use of medical marijuana.

  • Tierra Healthcare accepts cash and credit card payments.
  • All payments are due at the time of service.

Certification Visit

  • A comprehensive medical evaluation
  • Establishing an in-house medical record
  • Obtaining medical records from other physicians (if applicable)
  • Establishing a medical care plan

  • Initiation of Department of Health medical marijuana registration
  • Medical marijuana education
  • Medical marijuana recommendation
  • Certification is required every 7 months by Florida law