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Cannabis: What are the types, benefits and effects?
Curious about the varying types of cannabis, the health benefits and risks, and the physiological effects? Learn more about cannabis and its application in healthcare and the risks associated with this plant that is growing in popularity everyday. Cannabis is a flowering plant indigenous to Central Asia.  There are three common classifications – cannabis sativa […]
How Effective is Medical Marijuana for Gut Inflammation?
This post explores whether medical marijuana is an effective treatment for gut inflammation and inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. Is medical marijuana for gut inflammation an effective treatment option? Chronic inflammation in the digestive tract may lead to a painful condition known as inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD for short. And over 1.6 […]
Medical Marijuana and Parkinson’s: How Can It Help?
Parkinson’s disease counts as a qualifying medical condition in most states with medical marijuana. Learn what the science says about cannabis for Parkinson’s now. What’s the connection between medical marijuana and Parkinson’s disease? With several states now making medical marijuana legal for patients with qualifying diseases like PD, researchers are allowed to conduct more studies […]
Medical Marijuana for Sleep: Recommendations for Falling or Staying Asleep
Will Medical Marijuana Help Me Sleep? Marijuana has been used illicitly in the United States as a recreational drug for decades.  Now with an increased number of states approving its use for medical purposes, marijuana use has skyrocketed across the country as more people seek alternative treatment options for their medical conditions. THC and CBD are […]
How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost in Florida?
Are you or a loved wondering what the cost of medical marijuana in Florida is? This guide will help you determine the costs associated with the following: Doctor’ visit(s)Department of Health feesDispensary expensesand more! Your medical insurance will not cover the costs of getting started with medical marijuana or your future treatments. Find out how […]
Florida Marijuana Laws: 5 Medical Marijuana Card Facts
Medical marijuana laws were broadly expanded in the state of Florida with the passing of Amendment 2 on November 8th, 2016, making medical marijuana much more accessible to patients suffering from chronic medical conditions. Florida marijuana laws can be confusing, which is why we put together this informative infographic that highlights information about medical marijuana […]
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Florida
There are currently a handful of licensed dispensing organizations in Florida recognized by the government to legally cultivate, process and dispense medical marijuana to qualified patients and their legal representatives. Here is the most current list: Aphria Formerly known as CHT Medical, Aphria is an international leader in medical cannabis with locations in the U.S. […]


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