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Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms, Causes & Treatments
Despite early evidence from animal studies and human observations, medical experts doubted the existence of marijuana addiction until the 1990s. Skepticism focused on whether cannabis can result in ‘physiological’ dependence, and whether withdrawal symptoms were of clinical significance. Due to this early reluctance and the recent legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in many states, a prevailing misconception that marijuana is not addictive persists throughout America. The truth is that particular compounds in marijuana are addictive, and quitting after regular, long-term use can cause withdrawal symptoms. These physical and psychosocial withdrawal symptoms are collectively known as Cannabis Withdrawal Syndrome.
What does Marijuana Smell Like? (and how to get rid of it)
Marijuana has a distinct odor that’s easily recognized after smelling just once or twice. It’s often described as earthy and herbal with occasional hints of lemon, spice, and pine. Although medicinal marijuana is legal in many states, federal laws prohibiting all forms of marijuana govern public perception. Consequently, the pungent perfume of this ancient plant continues to carry negative connotations and foster undue societal discernment for the 3.5 million patients who currently rely on medicinal marijuana to manage debilitating conditions. It’s understandable that many of these individuals are searching for practical ways to mask marijuana odor to avoid unnecessary attention or judgment. In this article, we will cover the regular smell of marijuana and outline how to get rid of marijuana smells from your clothes and home.
A Guide to Using Medical Marijuana for Stress Relief
In the short-term, stress can be beneficial, making you feel focused, alert, and ready to face challenges head-on. But as stress levels rise and return on a daily basis, your health can end up taking a hard hit. If you frequently feel overwhelmed or on-edge, like many of us in today’s demanding word, it might be time to re-think the way you manage stress.
Does Medical Marijuana Lower Blood Pressure?
The number of Americans at risk of heart attack and stroke has increased substantially over the last decade. According to statistics released from the American Heart Association, nearly half of all adults in the United States have high blood pressure. Alarmingly, the rising prevalence of hypertension has coincided with the relaxation of U.S. state marijuana laws, raising questions and concerns among both health professionals and the public. People want to know, does marijuana lower blood pressure? Or does marijuana raise blood pressure? And, what are the long-term effects of cannabis on cardiovascular health? An estimated 2 million Americans with an established cardiovascular disease currently use or have used marijuana. In this article, we’ll review the current evidence on the acute and chronic cardiovascular effects of marijuana.
Marijuana Tolerance: Why it Gets So High & How to Lower it
Is medical marijuana no longer relieving your symptoms the way it once did? You might be experiencing high marijuana tolerance. Tolerance refers to the body’s reduced response to a drug as a result of regular use. It can develop with all types of medications, including both prescription and illegal drugs. If you have developed a tolerance to medical marijuana, it means your body has become “used to” the current dosage. You may need to increase your dose to achieve the same benefits or effects as before. However, continually increasing your dose is not always a practical solution, especially for medical marijuana patients. Fortunately, there are ways to reset your tolerance.
How to Get THC Out of Your System Fast?
Need to detox from THC today? The effects of medical marijuana fade quickly, but cannabinoids can remain detectable within your system for many months. Here’s how to flush marijuana out of your system fast. Patients enrolled in their state’s Medical Marijuana Registry Program are legally allowed to use THC to manage their qualifying condition. However, unfortunately, the recent legalization does not overrule an employer’s right to maintain a drug-and-alcohol-free workplace. Employers can, therefore, conduct random or scheduled drug testing on applicants and employees so long as those individuals are informed of the company’s drug-testing policies. Unfortunately, for both recreational and medical marijuana users, a failed drug test is currently considered fair grounds for dismissal. So, whether you’re interviewing for a new job or your employer has just tightened their drug testing policy, here’s everything you need to know about removing marijuana from your system and passing a drug test.
Best Marijuana Strains for Depression
Depression is one of the most common reasons people use marijuana. For many individuals, marijuana promotes an elevated sense of engagement and motivation that helps combat feelings of low mood. It can stimulate conversations with friends and spark interest in hobbies. But does marijuana really help depression?
Why Does Marijuana Make Your Eyes Red & How To Prevent It
The tell-tale red eyes of someone who’s high on marijuana are often blamed on smoke irritation. But, that’s a common misconception. Marijuana makes your eyes red for the same reason it’s used to treat glaucoma— a physiological mechanism known as vasodilation. Why Does Marijuana Make Your Eyes Red? The vasodilation behind your red eyes is […]
Is Marijuana a Stimulant or a Depressant? The Answer will Surprise You
Marijuana can be relaxing and physically sedating, but also invigorating and creatively uplifting. So is marijuana a stimulant or depressant? Marijuana has been used by humans for centuries for a plethora of reasons. But after all these years, many people are still unsure what marijuana actually is. Most people understand that sleeping pills and sedatives, […]
Medical Marijuana for Bipolar Disorders: Does it Help?
Medical Marijuana Is At The Center Of Therapeutic Innovation For Mental Health. Currently, Researchers Are Investigating Marijuana And Bipolar Disorder. Around 30% of people with Bipolar Disorder use marijuana on a regular basis. But, does it help or hinder their condition? Here’s what scientists know for sure, and what they don’t. What Is Bipolar Disorder? […]


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