How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in New York

Get your Medical Marijuana Card

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The first step in getting a NY medical marijuana card is setting up an evaluation with a practitioner registered with the New York State Department of Health’s Medical Marijuana Program. In the State of New York, you can complete this process 100% online through our website. During your meeting with your practitioner, they’ll determine if medical marijuana is appropriate for your condition.


Once the qualifying practitioner determines that your condition meets the State’s qualifying conditions, he or she will make a recommendation for medical marijuana and establish a care plan based on your condition. This care plan is similar to the writing of a prescription.


Once the recommendation is given by your practitioner, you can then be registered in the State’s database upon approval of your application. The State of New York will then issue you a medical marijuana card which you can use to make purchases through registered dispensing facilities.

The recommendation, medical care plan, and registration are required by the New York Department of Health. These services are included in the cost of your initial visit and follow-up visits.

Payment for Medical Marijuana Associated Services

Medical insurance plans do not cover services related to the evaluation, recommendation or use of medical marijuana.

  • Tierra Healthcare accepts cash and credit card payments.

Certification Visit

  • A video-chat medical evaluation
  • Obtaining medical records on your behalf (if applicable)
  • Medical marijuana education
  • Medical marijuana usage recommendation
  • New York State Department of Health medical marijuana registration

Required Documents

Help expedite your application process by having proof of your New York State residency. You’ll need to provide one of the following:

NY Driver’s License ID number or NY Non-driver ID

THC Physicians

Copy of a government issued ID that contains a New York State address and your name

A copy of a utility bill or similar document issued within the last two months containing your name and address