Medical Marijuana Office Open During Coronavirus

We Are Open - Book Your Appointment Today.

THC Physicians is 100% dedicated to providing medical cannabis services in a clean and safe environment. We only provide MMJ consultations at our offices, thus reducing any risk of exposure to patients suffering from contagious medical conditions.

Our staff regularly cleans and sanitizes the office equipment, waiting rooms, bathrooms and consultation rooms to ensure our patients are able to receive services in a safe and healthy environment.

Your safety and the safety of our employees are my top priorities. I want to let you know what our office is doing keep you and our employees safe.

  • We are disinfecting all equipment, surfaces and common use objects throughout the day.
  • We are urging employees to take common sense health precautions including frequent handwashing, using hand sanitizer after serving each patient and covering a cough or sneeze.
  • We are urging employees to stay home if they are sick and use our paid time off options. Employees who appear sick will be sent home.

In short, if you are a new or existing patient who needs to obtain medical marijuana for a preexisting condition, put your trust in THC Physicians to provide a safe, secure environment in which to do so.

Re-Certification Visits

THC Physicians is now offering re-certification visits over the phone. If you have an upcoming re-certification visit and would like to complete this visit over the phone, please contact our office ASAP - 561-665-6090. This ONLY applies to re-certification visits. New patient visits must be completed in person.


THC Physicians, CEO