How to Combine Marijuana and CBD Oil for Better Sleep

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Struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep through the night? Medical marijuana and the right CBD oil dosage may be able to help you get a better night’s rest.

CBD Oil For Sleep

If you’re having trouble falling or staying asleep, you may be one of the 70 million Americans struggling with a sleep disorder.

Each of the almost 80 different types of sleep disorders affects the quality of your sleep and has ripple effects on your quality of life.

Pain from a medical condition, stressful days, late night anxiety, and many other issues may all be responsible for keeping you up at night.

But medical marijuana may be able to alleviate these issues so you can get a better night’s rest [1].Currently 30 states allow doctors to recommend medical marijuana to treat chronic conditions, and sleep disorders rank among the top three conditions patients seek medical marijuana treatment for [2].

What Makes Thc and Cbd for Sleep Different

The cannabinoids found in marijuana play into your body’s own endocannabinoid system of receptors.

The two most-researched cannabinoids in cannabis are:

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has therapeutic properties but also gives you that feeling of being “high” due to its psychoactive nature.
  • Cannabidiol (CBD), which is non-psychoactive and lets you enjoy the therapeutic aspects of cannabis without feeling “high” in the process.
CBD Oil For Sleep

The specific ratios of THC to CBD depend on the three types of cannabis you’re comparing [3]:

  • Sativa has: Lower THC:   higher CBD content
  • Indica has: Higher THC:   lower CBD content
  • Hemp has: Very low THC:   high CBD content

These ratios are super important because both THC and CBD improve your sleep in unique ways:

THC Induces Sleep 

The American Sleep Association says 30% of Americans will experience insomnia, or the inability to fall asleep quickly, at least once in their lives. And 10% of those in the US will battle chronic insomnia and struggle to hit the hay routinely [4].

The good news is research shows the THC in marijuana can help people fall asleep faster [5].

However, scientists also noticed THC may shorten the REM stage of your sleep, which is when you are in your deepest sleep. This is why it is recommended that you mitigate the psychoactive effects of THC on the brain by combining it with high doses of CBD at bedtime [6].

As THC works best to relax you before bedtime, CBD may help you slumber soundly.

CBD Helps You Stay Asleep Longer 

Research shows CBD may interact with your body’s regulation of serotonin and dopamine, which may be why it’s so helpful for treating depression and anxiety disorders [7][8].

Besides lowering stress to calm your brain and body, clinical reviews reveal that when patients use CBD in high doses (daily doses of 40, 80, and 160 mg), it can [9][10]:

  • Lead to greater total sleep time
  • Reduce the number of times you wake up during the night
  • Counteract THC’s groggy after-effects the following morning
CBD Oil For Sleep

So even though THC and CBD are useful on their own, they’re the perfect team for better sleep when combined.

Why Combine Medical Marijuana and CBD Oil for Sleep

In a phenomenon known as “The Entourage Effect”, both THC and CBD enhance each other’s good qualities while making the downsides easier to handle.

For instance, THC works well to bring on sleep, but the psychoactive properties may make you anxious (and keep you from sleeping) if you use too much before bed.

However, studies suggest CBD can lessen the psychoactive properties of THC so you’ll reduce the likelihood of not being able to fall asleep [11].

Taking CBD oil alongside THC has improved sleep for many better than either cannabinoid can on its own — especially when you find the perfect ratio of THC to CBD for you.

How to Find a Cbd Oil Dosage for Sleep That’s Right for You

CBD specifically can be extracted as an oil or powder from marijuana plants and then added to different forms for treatment.

You can add CBD oil to your medical marijuana routine by way of:

  • Oral ingestion with capsules or tinctures
  • Inhalation
  • Nasal spray
  • Topical lotion
  • Suppository

Since sleep research on medical marijuana is limited and doesn’t always yield the same results, there’s no standard one-size-fits-all dose of CBD oil right for everyone at this time.

Based on user-data from our medical marijuana practice treating sleep related disorders, we believe:

Optimal ratios of THC:CBD for better sleep range from 5-10 mg of THC (from an Indica strain) along with 50-150 mg of CBD oil.

You’ll then want to fine-tune this amount with your physician depending on:

If You Have Trouble With Insomnia or Falling Asleep

Our recommended routine to help you sleep sooner includes:

  • 5-10 mg of Indica (THC) vaporized at bedtime
  • Combined with 50-150 mg of CBD to be taken orally throughout the day and at night.

This works because vaporizing THC should make you feel drowsy in less than 90 seconds. These effects will peak around 15–30 minutes after use and last between two to three hours, or while you should be sound asleep.

CBD Oil For Sleep

If You Have Trouble Sleeping Through the Night…

You should opt for:

  • 10 mg of Indica oil (THC) drops placed under your tongue two hours before bedtime
  • Combine this with 50-150 mg of CBD taken throughout the day

This works because ingesting THC oil delays the effects of sleepiness so your body can fall asleep naturally on its own. Your body will then have an accessible supply when you need it most (i.e., in the middle of your sleep cycle).

The effects of THC taken this way will kick in around 90–120 minutes later, peak in three to six hours, and last anywhere from four to 12 hours so you can get a full night’s rest.

If you have trouble both falling asleep and staying asleep, feel free to combine both methods.

Trying Medical Marijuana and Cbd Oil for Sleep 

As experts publish more research, and patients continue to experience positive results, we can only hope medical marijuana treatment options for sleep disorders become better, more precise, and readily available.

If you’re interested in trying medical marijuana for better sleep or are inquiring for a loved one, you should first seek out your local laws to determine the legality of the drug in your state, the types of medicine you can use, where to get it, and how much you need.If you are located in Florida, check out THC Physicians for your medical evaluation, the first step in getting a Florida Medical Marijuana Card.


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Howard Seth Meiselman, DO

Medically reviewed by Howard Seth Meiselman, DO — Written by Mark Conklin 

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